About the GDHS Alumni Association

GDHS Alumni and Friends was started in May 2003 at the 50th Anniversary Reunion.

The GDHS Alumni believe that the school is an anchor to the local economy and a core attribute to our community’s health and spirit.  GDHS alumni want the school to thrive for another 60 years.  Our slogan is to “preserve the past, support the present, and ensure the future”.

To this end, the GDHS Alumni & Friends Association:

  1. helps alumni organize class reunions
  2. raises money for students’ extra curricular activities, and
  3. raises funds for and manages scholarship funds.

The Objects are:

  • Advancing organized athletics, arts, recreation, education, civic, emergency, social and other community endeavours associated with Glencoe District High School
  • Advancing educational, recreational and athletic facilities and equipment for the benefit of Glencoe District High School
  • Advancing and supporting the establishment of funds for the purposes of granting academic scholarships, prizes, awards and distinctions.

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