Update on School Vacancies

Karen Aranha addressed the TVDSB Board during the fall of 2009 regarding school vacancies.  Karen is the Community Representative for Middlesex on the Capital Planning Advisory Committee to the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB).  There are about 14,000 vacancies in TVDSB area, while there are only about 70,000 students, so the level of vacancies is significant.  Karen gave everyone a copy of a summary report she did on the situation.  It shows Middlesex has eliminated about 28% of its vacancies, while London has only eliminated 6%.

Karen Aranha and Doug Reycraft went to Middlesex County Council (MCC) to apprise them of the situation.  MCC decided to launch a Community Alliance (CA) across the province.

Everyone is encouraged to visit www.communityschoolsalliance.ca to learn about the CA.

The CA has produced a draft letter to MPP’s to request action on the school closure process.  Everyone is asked to join the Community Schools Alliance Facebook group (there is a link on the Alliance web site), and to send a letter to their MPP to support a “Smart Moratorium”.  Karen gave everyone a copy of the draft letter, which is also on the web site.  Everyone is encouraged to customize the draft letter to “make it their own” before sending it..

Rick thanked Karen A.  for coming to the meeting and sharing the information with the Board members of GDHS Alumni & Friends Association.

Written by Dave May


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