Curling Bonspiel Feb 13, 2010

On Saturday, February 13, 2010, the GDHS Alumni & Friends held their seventh annual curling bonspiel at the Glencoe and District Curling Club with 14 teams participating.

In the 9 am draw, eight teams played two 8-end games with the Jim McKellar team of skip Gerry Sanderson, vice Bob Schieman, second Jim McKellar and lead Shirley Young finishing first with 2 wins and 33 ¾ points.

Also winning two games was the team skipped by Jessica Hesketh, earning 32 ¾ points.  On this second team were vice Shayla Stevenson, second Margaret May and sharing the lead position were Courtney McKellar and Greg May.

Next came four teams with one and one records.  Lenore Patterson and her team of Lisa Kulich, Joan Tanner and skip Dianne Voll earned 23 points to finish third, just edging out Jane Bowley and her team of Colleen MacLeod, Brian Parsons, Larry McGill and Matt McLean who played the second game for Bowley.  This team earned 22 ½ points.

Nipping at their heels were the high school boys’ team of skip Robert May, vice Lloyd Smith and Michael McGill and Stuart May, sharing the lead and second positions earning 22 ¼ points.  Bill Allan and his teammates Jack Biernaski, John Kingf and Dave McKellar finished sixth with 19 points.  Finishing seventh were the team of Carol Miller, Wayne, Phyllis and Sarah Campbell and Janneke Newitt who played the second game for Sarah.

In eight place were the team of skip Ross Snider, vice Peter Simpson, second Mark Williams and lead Mary Simpson.

In the 11 am draw, Hugh Fletcher led his team to first place and the top point earners for the day with two wins and 36 ¾ ;oints.  On his team were Grant Wolfe as lead, second Lyle Betts and vice Claire Fillmore.

Also winning two games were a high school girls’ team entered by vice Taylor McLean with skip Hilary Hager, Emily May at second and Meagan McGill as the lead earning 35 ¼ points.

Skip Pete MacTavish and his team of vice Sarah Deller with Bruce McCann and Flora MacKeallar Deller finished third wsith 20 ¼ points and a one and one record.

Tied for fourth with one tie and one loss were teams skipped by Shawn Lee and Adam Hancock with 13 ¾ points.  In sixth place were the team of Ralph Keating and Gord Leach who shared the skip and vice positions and Bryan Nelson and Moe Sanders who split the lead and second duties for the day.

All curlers participated in a draw for prizes at a draw table and enjoyed a lunch provided by Alumni Association Board members  The day concluded with the distribution of prizes for all curlers, many of which were donated by generous sponsors.


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