Celebration plans underway

Plans are percolating for the next big decade celebration of Glencoe District High School.   The GDHS Alumni & Friends Association met at Glencoe District High School on Thursday, September 16th at 7:30 p.m. to form a committee to  organize the celebration.

It was April 4, 1952 when students in the old Glencoe High School packed the last of their texts and supplies and headed across the “Muddy Mile”, the open field between the old Glencoe High School and the new institution on Concession Street.  Joining them were students from feeder schools in Melbourne, Wardsville and Bothwell.

James Cunningham, Retired GDHS Principal, 2003

On the long May weekend in 2012, alumni will join their friends, class mates and team mates to celebrate youth and educational beginnings.

The weekend is about 20 months away.  Internet tools such as facebook help with outreach and promotion.  Leah Wolfe created the GDHS Alumni facebook group which now has 758 members.  Please join the group and search out your old pals.

Mary Simpson, Secretary, Glencoe District High School Alumni & Friends Association.


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