Ideas for the 60th Reunion: May 2012

Glencoe District High School Alumni & Friends held a meeting Dec 16th at the high school to get plans underway for a great party.  Everyone welcome to next meeting October 6th at 7:30 at GDHS library.

Attending: Barb Dobie, Karen Aranha, Manuel Moniz, Rick Cowell, Howard vanderHooft, Mary Simpson, Susan Allan, Dave May, Karen Hodgson, John Wolfe Jr., George Allen, Marion Ysebaert.

Ideas for the 60th:

  • Promote on facebook and
  • Get lots of ideas.
  • Encourage classes to have their own reunions.
  • Spread the work.  Get lots of people involved.
  • Focus on all the decades.
  • Find a representative from every year to help with outreach and promotion.
  • Invite retired teachers.

Work closely with the high school.

  • Keep the school busy all weekend.
  • Involve the teachers and students.
  • Arrange athletic activities at the school: volleyball tournament.
  • Invite the next generation and their parents to be part of the celebration. Arrange a feeder school activity.
  • Arrange a challenge between West Elgin and Glencoe.

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