G.A.L.E. F.O.R.C.E. 2010

G.A.L.E. F.O.R.C.E., the GDHS annual leadership camp, was held at Pearce Williams Christian Centre on Wednesday and Thursday this past week. The camp was well organized and ran smoothly with 90 students participating as campers, cooks, skill builders, security or on the organizing committee. The committee thanks the several businesses, individuals and groups who contributed financially or donated food or time to this event. We rely on your generosity each year to make this invaluable event possible.

Practices for the first ever GDHS Glee club are underway. Several students have come out to play in the band or sing and dance a version of the song Keep Holding On which was revived by the popular television show Glee. Moves are being choreographed and parts are being assigned as Mr. Woodburn follows the lead of his talented students.

The GDHS Technology Department is very excited about the new Manufacturing course it is offering this year. This course, which is offered at the grade 10 level, teaches students how to weld and fabricate projects made of steel. Students will also learn drafting and design and how to operate the metal lathe and milling machine. Funding has been provided for new tools and equipment.

Five students are participating in the dual credit program affiliated with Lambton College. Every Friday, these students attend classes at Lambton in a variety of disciplines. At the end of the college semester these students will be further ahead, having already achieved two credits toward their college diploma.

Submitted by Jane Bowley



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