Social Justice League

The Prom committee held its first very successful fundraiser – a Haunted Dungeon! On Halloween, most of the staff and students demonstrated their school spirit and creativity by wearing costumes and then purchased tickets to visit the frighteningly decorated archery range. Many screams and shrieks were heard by neighbouring classrooms! The Students Council held an assembly at which the students and staff displayed their costumes for judging. Congratulations to McKenzie Clarke for winning best costume. The scary video created by Logan Arnold and Michael McGill was well received by the audience. Also, several students participated in the game Jeopardy to win treats.

The Social Justice League wrapped up its 1000 Acts of Kindness Campaign by  delivering  personalized notes to each and every student. There have been daily inspirational  videos on the announcements promoting acts of kindness. Four of the Social Justice League members attended the Safe Schools conference and the Crime Stoppers conference and came home with several ideas to implement throughout the year.  On October 20th more than half of the school wore purple to demonstrate their support for GBLTQ2  students  and to further the anti-homophobia message that the Social Justice League has been fostering since September.


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