Committees starting to roll for the 60th Reunion

There are a number of functions and committees that are starting to form.  The hope is that the school will be a hive of activity all weekend long.  Barb (Saylor) Dobie has signed up Bonnie Walls, Judy Gillies, Mary Coad, Larry McGill;  Michael McGill and Logan Arnold (Co Presidents); Manuel Moniz, Vice Principal so far.  But she is looking for more people.  Especially those willing to organize and host “home rooms” for each decade.  Ideas so far have included:

a)      Keep the school busy all weekend.  It’s a great PR opportunity.

b)     Decade Rooms at High School – Larry McGill (1970s)

c)      Music of the decades:  50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.  “The music takes you into the era.”

d)     Have people in the rooms and the halls.

e)      Volleyball tournament.

f)      We will need a large team of students to help with setup, tear down, and other support activities that require lots of help.

g)     Involve the teachers and students.

h)     Arrange athletic activities at the school: volleyball tournament.

i)      Invite the next generation and their parents to be part of the celebration. Arrange a feeder school activity: e.g. volley ball camp.

j)      Arrange a challenge between West Elgin and Glencoe.

k)     Show videos and photo shows from the different eras on smartboards.

l)      Show photos taken of the 50th Reunion.

m)    Ask for donations or archival materials for the weekend.

What are your ideas?


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