Need to research the history 1992 – 2012

The 60th organizing committee is  looking for prospects who might be interested in working on a history of GDHS 1992 – 2012. Any ideas? We haven’t found a lead yet but it would be nice to put a team of younger alumni together to reminisce and document the recent era.

A History of Glencoe Area High Schools was published in 1992 and is available for reprint.  But we need the recent history!

Please comment below if you have some ideas or know some historians who might contribute items.

Mary Secretary, Glencoe District High School Alumni & Friends Association. 60th Anniversary GDHS May 18 – 20, 2012 facebook Tel (519) 287-3566 Cel (519) 318-1074 Fax (519) 287-2241


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  1. Many thanks to Tarryn Geldart, Jim Macfie, Harold Carruthers, and the Glencoe Historical Society for the work they are doing on GDHS history.

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