Busy week after holidays. Jan 2011.

The first week back to school after the holidays has been a busy one for G.D.H.S. Games that had been cancelled because of the snow days were played on Tuesday and regularly scheduled games were played on Thursday.


The boys’ curling team was victorious over St. Joes on Tuesday January 4th and will replay them on January 11th at home. The girls’ team was defeated by St. Joe’s but will get another chance to beat them on the 11th.


The boys’ basketball had a win against Arthur Voeden on Tuesday of last week and a disappointing close loss against West Elgin. This team is currently 5th in the standings. Their next games are Tuesday January 11th at East Elgin, and Thursday January 13th at home against Central Elgin.


Both the senior and junior volleyball teams had a win and a loss this past week. With only 6 players in attendance, the senior girls defeated Arthur Voeden on Tuesday and with only 8 players, lost to number 1 seed West Elgin on Thursday. The juniors won handily against Arthur Voeden but suffered a very close loss against West Elgin on Thursday. Both teams will face East Elgin and Central Elgin this week.


It was a tough week for the wrestling team who was defeated strongly by Westminster. Nine members of the team participated in a tournament on the weekend. There was some great wrestling by all the wrestlers but the team definitely fest the rust from the holidays and snow days. Highlights were great individual performances by Matt Holder, Meriah Swanson, and a silver medal for Andrew Pease. There were more than 400 wrestlers at this tournament from all across Ontario.

Jane Bowley, Teacher



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