Relay for Life Rally

On Thursday April 21st, the Glencoe District High School Relay For Life committee held a ‘Relay Rally’ to promote awareness about cancer and the Relay For Life event. The rally started with a ‘Join the Fight’ video put together by the Canadian Cancer Society. It featured people affected by cancer and what they would to say to “Cancer” if they could personally let “it” know how cancer had affected them.

The Relay for Life Committee chairs, Kelly Elliott and Emily Schepers then introduced themselves and let their fellow students know what the Relay Rally was about. The rest of the committee then described the roles they play on the Relay for Life committee.

The committee consists of: Kelly Elliott, Emily Schepers, Taylor McLean, Bailey Tuffin, Sarah Thirlwall, Erika Catlos, Carleigh McInnes, Breena Wright, Hilary Boekhoven. Shawna Stevenson and staff advisors Jane Bowley, Stacie Oliver, Loni Grover, Colleen MacLeod and Amanda Vollick -Ross. Speaker John Hunt, a survivor, supporter and volunteer, was introduced and spoke about his battle with cancer and his involvement with the Canadian Cancer Society. His story was inspirational to all and evidently touched many people in personal ways.

To impress upon the Glencoe students why they should fight back against cancer the committee put together a short video featuring other students telling their stories about how they have been affected.When the tear-jerking video was finished, GDHS student Tristan Fisher took the stage to tell his fellow classmates about his personal battle with the terrible disease. His strength and courage to share his story was appreciated by his friends and peers. Tristan was not the only survivor in attendance; other survivors from the Glencoe area included Ruth Griffin, Barb Hurley, Betty Cushman and Shirley Towers.

Footage from previous Glencoe Relay for Life events was shown to bring the assembly to a close. The rally allowed GDHS to learn about cancer, Relay for Life and each other. Students soon found that no matter what the connection is to cancer, you are never alone.


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