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The GDHS badminton season has come to an end with five badminton players competing at WOSSAA this past week. Greg Gosnell and Nick Moxam placed an exceptional third, Erica and Tanner Findlay placed 5th and Greg Kendall competed but unfortunately did not place.

It has been a difficult start to the outdoor Spring season at GDHS with poor weather interfering with practices and games. Both the track and field and soccer teams have had to cancel events. The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams have played one game each being defeated by St. Joes. The track and field team will compete this Thursday in Sarnia.

The tennis team has not been able to practice yet but hopes to get some practice time in before their tournament on May 9th in Dorchester.

On April 18th Mosa and Ekcoe students participated in this year’s TVDSB Violence Prevention initiative at Glencoe DHS. Grade 7 and 8 students viewed the play “The Trial” which was performed by Westminster S. S. students. Following the play, high school facilitators from GDHS led the students through several activities designed to discuss issues related to bullying, cyber bullying and being an effective bystander.



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2 responses to “G.D.H.S. News

  1. Karen Kemp

    Where are all the pictures of the 60th Reunion????????posted……

  2. We’ll get at it. Please watch the facebook page to for pictures- thats a good place for everyone to post pictures!

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