Breakfast Program a Hit

by Marie Williams-Gagnon
There is more than one reason to get to school before the opening bell at Glencoe District High School these days. Students are flocking to school for a breakfast program that has grown in popularity since the school year began.

Teacher Diane Zinkan and educational assistant Sharon White serve up a rotating breakfast menu to students who are in need of something to eat before the school day begins. Zinkan stresses that not all participants are eating at Breakfast Club due to financial need but instead many stop by for a bite after early morning sports or band practices while others are simply not interested in eating breakfast at home before catching the bus or walking to school.
The menu features a variety of items throughout the week including cereal, toast, bagels, smoothies, cinnamon buns, fruit and juice. Baking is done in the Developmental Education Program classroom or by Zinkan and White to ensure that no student need be hungry starting their school day.
A can is set out to allow students to make donations and both Zinkan and White are impressed with the manners of the students who stop by to grab a quick bite or meet with friends to visit at the classroom with a cafe ambience.
Having received funding to begin the program through Breakfast Clubs of Canada and Breakfast for Learning programs, GDHS is already serving approximately 50 students each day. It is well-known that students who are well-nourished perform better in class and are also better able to concentrate.
While funding has been secured for some expenses and the community has been generous, Zinkan says that donations of items like napkins, fruit, eggs or other supplies would be welcomed. Anyone with questions may call Zinkan at the high school at 519-287-3310.

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