Letter to the Editor of Glencoe Transcript & Free Press

Pick up a copy of the Glencoe Transcript & Free Press.  It will be a big issue!  Here’s a letter than went in to Marie Williams Gagnon, the editor:

Hugh, Mary, Ralph

It is quite exciting to welcome everyone to celebrate our legacy of education at Glencoe District High School and the feeder schools that preceded it.

This celebration is for everyone who cares about our local high school.  It may be called a reunion, but this is a special community event for everyone.  The organizers hope that the parents of future students will attend the event, past and present teachers, elected officials and school board representatives, people who moved into the community recently, and anyone who cares about our youth and the importance of quality education!

We are pleased to welcome those who make the trek back from parts unknown to find old friends and reminisce. As for those who reluctantly attended high school, come anyway… attend for those who want to re-connect with YOU!

Of course the real stars are the alumni who never left – those who invested their lives here: raising families; doing business; building careers; and giving back. We recognize your dedication through this celebration.

Come and see what is happening in your local community high school. Come for the fun!

Mary Simpson, a 9er in 1969.


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