Reunion Sponsors

Many thanks to all the sponsors who supported the 60th Reunion in May 2012:

Appin Barbeque Service & Catering

Dave Gerber, Icemaker, donating ice for the bar.

Janet Muscutt, Producer, SMAK Dinner/Theatre.  Advertising.

Lori’s Weddings and Event Décor

Jim Macfie. Graphic Design,  60th Reunion Event logo.

Mary Vanderlinde.  Printall Services,  souvenirs and graphic design.

It’s About Time,  Tracy Harvie, desk-top publishing.

Samantha VanGeel.  Graphic artist, Golf Poster, T-shirt design.

Alicia Nelms, City Centre Archives   Decorating.

Amanda Keating.  Graphic design, GDHS Alumni crest design.

Louis Hofer, Graphic Design

Wardsville Golf Course

CHYX Media Management.  Advertising.  Place mats at the Villa Dining Lounge

Van Heck Funeral Home


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