60th Reunion: List of Volunteers

Many names are missing from this list, but here are the names of many who worked to make the 60th anniversary such a great party:

Glencoe District High School students and teachers

Jason Broderick – coordinator of student volunteers

all student volunteers on Mr. Broderick’s list

Jane Bowley – BBQ + + +

Wendy Hornick – custodian

Kelly Dupon – custodian

Dave Beaudoin – band on Saturday afternoon

Cathy Brooks – secretary

Tracy Harvie – secretary

Loni Grover – 90s room

Willy Flegel – plaque creation and moving

Ryan Wolfe – support

Micheala Rowe – cleaning display case

Keith Baia, Vice Principal

Mike Moore, Principal

Burger Stand and Souvenirs

Jane Bowley, Noelle Moodie, Chay Wellington, Eliza McColl, Elese Balfour, Madison Christjohn

GDHS Saturday Activities

Barb Dobie, Judy Gillies, Kathy Hofer, Sandra Gough, Eileen Martin , Betty Simpson, Mary Coad, Gloria Copeland, Nancy Lovell, Mirah Simpson, Jim May, Lorraine Weekes, Larry McGill, Michael McGill, Andrew McGill, Dawn Salomons, Nancy and Colin McLean, Loni Grover, Jana Nethercott ,Kristen McGill, Alicia Eames, Erica Carruthers, Garrett Salomons, Clay Howe, Nick Pinnell, Cody Gough

Saturday Afternoon Program

Doug Reycraft, Mayor; Monte McNaughton; Mike Moore, Principal; Rob Campbell, Trustee; Emily Lilley, STOCO President

Cheer leaders: Sharon Jobson and her team


Rick Cowell, President, GDHS Alumni & Friends Association and chair of organizing committee

Friday Pub Night Bus from London, Melbourne:  Malia Johnson

Bar Committee: Howard vanderHooft, Wayne Fletcher.

Car Show:  Jeff McCallum

Catering Committee: Rick Cowell, Diane Lesak.

Decorating: Lori Watson, Alicia Nelms, Alex VanHeck.

Finance Committee: Karen Hodgson.  George Allen

Friday Pub planning: Kirk Patterson, John Wilson, Wayne McLean

Friday Night Serving Pizza/Cleanup: Kim Hall, Janice Bueckert

History: Glencoe Historical Society

Music: Brad Rose and the Band Spirit.  Contact: Dennis Wilson   at   ranger94(at)amtelecom.net

Photography: Jocelyne Giles

Promotion and Advertising: Mary Simpson, Mary vanderLinde, Karen Aranha, Jim Macfie, Samantha VanGeel, Rhaenna Lam

Registration Committee:  Karen Aranha, Karen Hodgson, George Allen, Sue Allan, Marion Ysebaert.

Registration Friday: Kathy Evans, Dale Bray, Bruce and Etta Edwards, Susan Sinclair, Barb Dobie

Registration Friday night: Michael McGill, Nathan A., Jamie M.

Saturday registration: Gord Leach, Sharon Fletcher

Saturday evening planning: Dennis Wilson

Saturday Night Cleanup: Kim Hall

Sunday Morning: Jonathan D.

GDHS Principal: Michael Moore

School Program at GDHS on Saturday.  Barb Dobie, Bonnie Walls, Judy Gillies

Social Media: Mary Simpson, Leah Wolfe

Souvenir planning: Jane Bowley, Sharon Wilson, Mary Vanderlinde

Student Council Advisor: Jason Broderick, teacher.

Sunday Church Service: Janice Bueckert and the Glencoe Interdenominational Committee

Sunday Golf tournament: Don Cunningham

Retired Teacher connection – Gord Leach

2012 Display at Ekfrid Township Museum.  Dunc Hodgson.

Rick Cowell says:

St Charles CWL served the Saturday meal

Appin BAR B Q cooked the food

Pizza Villa Pizza Picasso and Godfathers provided pizza

Dave Gerber donated the ice

Foodland provided the mix and buns

Glencoe Arena provided cups plates etc etc

Newbury Firefighters loaned the popcorn maker

The staff and students decorated and helped at every turn

The Glencoe Transcript and Marie supported us at every step

The Main St businesses supported us

Don Cunningham says:

I would like to thank Susan Florian for volunteering to help with the golf tournament on Sunday, plus Gord Leach and Robin Douglas for each finding several sponsors to donate prizes. The sponsors who donated prizes were:

Tim Hortons district manager, Will Chew

Good Life Fitness, Strathroy, Jacki Dunlop manager

Bob Martin’s Golf and Fashions, London

New 2 You Auto, St. Thomas

The Wine Station, St. Thomas

Geerlinks Home Hardware, St. Thomas

Alicia Nelms and City Centre Archives, Cash Donation

Jamie Pole, Big Flag Car Wash, Newbury and Glencoe Car Wash, Glencoe

Gary McRae, Western Fair District 

Karl Nevin

Mike Moore, GDHS

Rick Cowell, GDHS Alumni & Friends

Karen Hodgson, GDHS Alumni & Friends

Don Cunningham, Tournament convenor


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