Glencoe District High School Alumni & Friends Association

If you would like to connect to the high school and the community through our organization, please purchase a membership and keep in touch with the Board of directors.

Buy a one-year membership ($10), five-year membership ($40) or Lifetime membership ($100).  Membership privileges include the right to vote at general meetings and the right to be elected as a director.

Alumni are former students, teachers and support staff.  Whether you worked there, graduated, loafed around, excelled, or dropped out, you are part of our alumni community.  Alumni go way back, including the original Glencoe and Wardsville High Schools, the Bothwell and Melbourne Continuation Schools.

A friend is anyone who cares about the high school.  Perhaps you did not attend, but your children or grandchildren will.  The Friends of GDHS care about the future of rural education in our community.

The important thing is that we work together to “preserve the past, support the present, and ensure the future”. We can no longer take our rural schools for granted.


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