To join


Membership Form

Please print off the form and submit cheque and form via post.  Thank you for preserving the past, supporting the present, and ensuring the future of Glencoe District High School.


___________________                      __________________                        ___________________

Family Name                                        First Name                    Maiden Name (if applicable)


Street, No., RR#, P.O. Box, etc.

______________________                ______________________    __________________

City/Town                                             Province/State/Country                        Postal/ZIP Code

_(_______)___________        _(_______)_____________    _________________________

Home Phone                            Fax No.                                                E-mail Address

To reduce administrative costs we would like to correspond by e-mail.  Your e-mail address will remain confidential.

Indicate years associated with G.D.H.S. ______________________ (i.e., 1970 to 1975)

Membership Fees:


1 Year Membership                  $ 10.00

5 Year Membership                  $ 40.00

Lifetime Membership                $100.00

Are you interested in volunteering?  Yes     No

Send Membership Form                                   G.D.H.S. Alumni and Friends Association

with cheque payable to                                    P.O. Box  2

“GDHS Alumni and Friends                   Glencoe, Ontario

Association” to:                                                N0L IM0

For further information please contact:

                                                            Karen Hodgson,

                                                            Susan Allan,



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